Statistics show that most women have some facial or body hair which detracts from their appearance.

Since 1875, when Dr. Charles E. Michel first discovered and perfected the process of electrolysis, major advances have been made. Through the use of highly sophisticated technology and the professional skill of an electrologist, electrolysis remains the only method of hair removal approved by physicians and health professionals as both safe and permanent.

Your electrologist is a professional. His or her experience and education in the practice and theoretical aspects of electrology are always available to make you a better informed patient/client. An appointment for a confidential consultation is conducted in the privacy of a professional office. After one has taken the time to discuss the advantages of electrology it is the beginning of a commitment you come to realize should have been made long ago.


One of the most important elements in achieving successful destruction of the hair follicle is the continuity of treatments. Permanent results are best achieved by the faithful participation of each patient/client in a planned program that has been tailored to his or her individual needs. The time in which one achieves permanent results is dependent upon such factors as one’s medical history, age, previous temporary hair removal methods used, and the texture of the hair to be treated (fine vs. coarse). An electrologist is trained to determine the frequency and treatment time necessary for each particular person.